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Modern use of Automata (21st Century)

Modern-day automata can be found in many places; digital art exhibitions and groups such as Cabaret Mechanical Theatre regularly show off mechanical, electronic and digital devices designed to entertain, please and provoke.

Relation to Automatons:

While automata over the last couple of millennia have always been about entertainment and pushing the boundaries of technology, modern automata is increasingly becoming an artform – be it musical, like Joe Jones’ musical instruments, or as a visual art piece.

These modern devices often stray away from using cutting-edge technology and instead use purely mechanical technology, though often with modern manufacturing refinements to enable cheap but precise components. They are also not just the domain of the rich, though places like theme parks still spend millions on complex systems designed purely to entertain, and which can push the boundaries of large-scale engineering – perhaps not the classical type of automata, but still interesting nonetheless.

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